Sessions & Prices


Appointments are usually available within 1 to 2 weeks and the clinic is open from 0900hrs to 2100hrs Monday- Friday.

The clinic is also open for Weekend appointments (subject to availability).

Session Fees

Each session of hypnotherapy lasts an hour and costs £60.

All clients receive an hypnosis relaxation CD to use between sessions in order to maximise the benefits of treatment.

Free Initial Consultation

It is advisable to have a FREE Initial Consultation to discuss in detail what the programme will entail, what changes to expect and to ask any questions you may have about hypnotherapy or hypnosis in general.

Smoking Cessation

An Anti-Smoking hypnotherapy session is completed in two hours and costs £130 – No Initial consultation is necessary with this straightforward therapy.

For more information or to arrange a Free Initial Consultation to find out how hypnotherapy can help please contact me on: